First look gameplay footage for Sword Coast Legends narrated by n-Space president Dan Tudge.

Part I (above):

Part II:


Digital Extremes and n-Space are banding together to revive Dungeon & Dragons with the announcement of Sword Coast Legends a party-based PC RPG set in the D&D Forgotten Realms universe from Wizards of the Coast.

Available on Steam later this year, Sword Coast Legends will feature an entirely classic yet highly innovative take on RPG gaming, including: a deep and engrossing storyline; innovative 5th Edition D&D rules; party-based gameplay featuring fully cooperative multiplayer; a robust variety of NPCs and party members with dynamic backstories; and, most importantly, Dungeon Master Mode which delivers an entirely unique and first-of-its-kind experience where a Dungeon Master guides players through customizable adventures.

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