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This is it — pretty much last call — E3 2015 is NEXT WEEK, folks, and meetings are getting harder and harder to make. Seven days from now, thousands of game industry dorks will descend upon Los Angeles, each acting as cool as they can, each enjoying the one event where they have a realistic shot to make big-time party VIP lists. Oh E3… never change.

So what kind of amazing stuff are we still booking meetings for this year? Well, we’ve got some great games and we’ve got a handful of slots left.

See below and if you still need appointments – now is the time — slots are getting very few and far between. We try to accommodate walk-ups during the show, but it’s easier to plan ahead! Read more



Frontier’s Massively Multiplayer Space Epic Expands With Free Powerplay Update Introducing New Ways to Play

Cambridge, UK. 5 June, 2015. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) will today release Elite: Dangerous – Powerplay free for all players.

Powerplay is the third major free update for Elite: Dangerous and the largest to date, introducing new ships, new features and an all-new strategic layer to the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

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Frontier’s massively multiplayer space epic arrives on Mac with PC/Mac crossplay and shared galaxy

Cambridge, UK. 12 May, 2015. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today launched Elite: Dangerous for Mac.

Available now through and Steam, Elite: Dangerous for Mac is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, developed in-house for Mac OS using Frontier Developments’ proprietary COBRA game development technology.

With a single £39.99 (€49.99, $59.99) purchase on the store or Steam, players will unlock Elite: Dangerous for both PC and Mac, and can play as the same unique Commander on both platforms. Existing PC players will find Elite: Dangerous for Mac available on their Frontier account or Steam library as part of their original purchase. Read more

How great was Elite: Dangerous? Oh, right… the site was down for a while so we didn’t get a chance to do our usual sharing of review highlights for Elite: Dangerous. Well, let’s catch up and point you to all kinds of reviews that revel in the gigantic galaxy, endless missions and unmatched variety that are all baked into this ground-breaking space sim. Read more



The Definitive Massively Multiplayer Space Epic Comes to Xbox One This Year

Cambridge, UK. 4 March, 2015. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announced plans to bring the definitive massively multiplayer space epic Elite: Dangerous to Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, in this calendar year.

Elite: Dangerous is the critically acclaimed third sequel to the genre-defining Elite, created in 1984 by David Braben and Ian Bell. Elite: Dangerous brings gaming’s original open world adventure into the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entirety of the Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions. Read more


 Elite: Dangerous 1.1 Available Now

Community Goals, Graphical Enhancements and Multi-Language Support Headline Free Update

Cambridge, UK. 10 February 2015. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today launched Elite: Dangerous 1.1 free for all players.

The first major Elite: Dangerous update expands the core game with new Community Goals, graphical enhancements and localization for French, German and Russian.

Community Goals unite players with a shared objective, allowing the entire Elite: Dangerous community to participate in major new story events, supplying the construction of new capital ships and working together to reshape the boundaries of human-controlled space. Players will collaborate to help build new starports in undeveloped systems, giving all players a new launch pad for exploration of the galaxy. Read more



Elite: Dangerous Available Now

Frontier Developments Launches Elite: Dangerous and announces £10,000 ‘Race to Elite’ Contest

Cambridge, UK — December 16, 2014 — Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today launched Elite: Dangerous, the fourth game in the groundbreaking, genre-defining Elite series.

Elite: Dangerous is the fourth in the Elite series of games, following on from the seminal 1984 Elite, developed by David Braben and Ian Bell, 1993’s Frontier: Elite 2, and 1995’s Frontier: First Encounters.

Elite: Dangerous was crowdfunded via Kickstarter and Frontier Developments’ own website, beginning in November 2012. Throughout 2014, backers have had access to the game’s Alpha, Beta and Gamma stages.

The story begins today with the Empire in disarray. The Emperor is sick and a bitter fight for succession has already begun. The Federation has a weak President, and some frontier States are looking to leave it.

Players are free to throw themselves into the story wholeheartedly, participate a little, or not at all. How players choose to respond will directly affect the outcome of the current events, and the unfolding story beyond.

Elite: Dangerous is available now at for £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99).  Read more


Major gameplay additions in Beta 2 update. Beta 3 set for 28th October

Cambridge, UK — 3 October 2014 — Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) has released Elite: Dangerous Beta 2 and announces the date for Beta 3.

Beta 2 marks a major update to the game, with new ships, new outposts and even more of the galaxy unlocked for exploration. Highlights include:

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I’ll keep this short up top, because the important news is below — we’re really excited to kick off with Frontier Developments on their upcoming game ELITE: DANGEROUS. This game looks crazy good — if you’ve ever dreamt of being in space, this is the game for you. With it’s playable recreation of the Milky Way and it’s amazing combat, you’re going to lose most of your free time very soon.

See the news below and be sure to check this gem out.

EliteDangerous_FireLogoMEDIA ALERT


All Existing and New Pre-Orders of Elite: Dangerous Will Receive a £4.99 Discount and a Range of Digital Extras in the ‘Mercenary Edition’

Cambridge, UK – September 12, 2014 –  Frontier Developments plc (AIM:  FDEV) today announced pricing details for the release version of Elite: Dangerous along with additional information about the day one digital pre-order edition. Read more