Maverick PR Clients CLEAN UP At E3 2012; We Take a Moment To Bathe In Their Glory

A writer from a video game web site emailed me last week after we announced the new game FORGE from indie developer Dark Vale Games and he said (paraphrasing) “Wow… you guys really know how to pick the best clients … they’re all doing such interesting things.” I couldn’t agree more. Some of that is dumb luck, of course, but a lot of it is by choice.

We’re not a big agency and we don’t handle HALO or CALL OF DUTY.  Sure part of us would like to swim around in that obscene amount of gamer cash, but we started Maverick with the intent of choosing who we work with and the way we work.  We honestly feel that our client partners are some of the most innovative, creative and downright interesting people and products in the industry.  And it seems that everyone who went to E3 2012 agrees with us. Our clients ARE the best!
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The Maverick Team Knocks Out Yet Another E3 With Awesome Products, Tons of Coverage and Some Sweet, Sweet Awards!

Another June rolls by and another E3 is put to bed, this time with the Maverick team working on some of the highest regarded games and products at the show, from expected hits to sleeper surprises.

Read on below to check out some of the awesome games and products Maverick PR had the chance to work at this year’s extravaganza (in alphabetical order):
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Meteor Entertainment Turns to Maverick PR To Lock-And-Load HAWKEN for E3 2012

Maverick PR Gears Up To Take Los Angeles with HAWKEN — One Of 2012′s Most Exciting New Products — at E3 2012!

Without exaggeration or hyperbole, we can honestly say that this is an incredibly exciting announcement for the crew here at Maverick PR.  We’re happy to share that we will be partnering with Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games during E3 2012 on HAWKEN, the shockingly gorgeous mech game that has lit up the Internet with early gameplay videos and screenshots.

For more on HAWKEN directly, please visit the game’s official site [] or the game’s Facebook page at: []

HAWKEN looks amazing, and to gamers' delight, will be available later this year!

If you follow video games, you’ve probably already heard of HAWKEN or have at least seen the stir the game caused when the first gameplay video trickled out a while back.  The reaction at the time was — if I remember correctly — stunned disbelief (and pure excitement).

Not only was somebody finally bringing back the beloved and much-neglected Mech genre, but the graphics and gameplay looked almost too good to be true.  A new Mech game??  Done RIGHT???  Yes!
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