Some more great coverage for iRacing‘s amazing online sim racing league — this time from PC Gamer magazine.  After visiting with the guys at Gamer earlier this summer, writer Max McGee went hands-on with the title for his story, which you can see below.

It’s an excellent piece and great hit for iRacing – congrats to the entire team over there.

Meanwhile, if you think that a more realistic racing experience is what you want – yes, more real and with better online than GT5, even! – then check out iRacing‘s persistent online racing simulation and league at You won’t be sorry you did.

In the midst of a crazy couple of weeks, the MavPR team hit the Big Apple alongside the crew from iRacing to show off the online persistent racing simulation game and service to some key outlets we couldn’t reach when we traveled out to San Francisco.

We had a great location at the BMW of Manhattan dealership, where we were surrounded by awesome cars and a great setup provided by the iRacing team with a full racing chassis, widescreen HDTV and a sweet set of pedals.

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Gamespot has posted a video interview with iRacing founder, CEO and CTO Dave Kaemmer, from our recent jaunt to the West Coast visiting the video game press.

Dave does great job explaining the core of the iRacing game and service — it’s a great piece – if the embedded video doesnt work for you, head over here to go check it out!

UPDATE: GameSpot has posted their hands-on with iRacing as the Top Story on their PC page tonight.

You can head over to the main PC page on Gamespot or just go to the story directly by clicking here.

Congrats to our partners at iRacing! has posted their first look at iRacing based on our meeting from Wednesday.  Always good to see the fellas in Minnesota and thank them for Big Papi and Garnett.

So… thanks, guys.

Meanwhile, you can read the entire story HERE.  Enjoy!

UPDATED:  I should have mentioned, coverage is also appearing on other major gaming sites, including HERE ON IGN as well as within 1UP’s, 1UP Yours.

Longtime video game journalist and MavPR friend John (JCal) Callaham from (part of the AOL network) had a chat with iRacing co-founder Dave Kaemmer about the big NASCAR deal.  The interview also took the time to explore the iRacing service as a whole.

It’s a real informative read so take a spin through the interview here.

And we learned that JCal is a NASCAR fan… who knew?  🙂

– PR_Flak