Later this week – October 17th – THE SETTLERS ONLINE: CASTLE EMPIRE players will receive a fresh set of Halloween content including new server-wide challenges, an exclusive new building, a new buff, and a huge boss fight. Read more


Gamers Get One of the Best-Looking, Best Playing PC Games of 2012 for only $19.99; Each Purchase Comes With a Second Copy for a Friend via Steam, Amazon or GamersGate

CARSLBAD, CA (NOV. 14, 2012) — Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, will release FORGE, a multiplayer-only PC game set in a high-action fantasy world, on December 4 for $19.99 via digital distribution.  As an added bonus, anyone who purchases the game for $19.99 will receive a second copy of FORGE free-of-charge to bring another competitor into the fold.

On December 4, FORGE will be available as a PC download through several online retailers, including through Valve’s Steam service, and GamersGate, as well as directly from Dark Vale Games’ web site at

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Masterworks From Some of Japan’s Most Influential Game Designers Available For Download This Fall

NOTE:  We’re really excited two reveal that we are now working with Level-5 International on some of their upcoming downloadable games.  These titles, which previously released in Japan as Guild01, bring AAA quality design and execution to the downloadable platform on 3DS.  Check out the full release below!!

SANTA MONICA, CA (October 4, 2012) – Renowned Japanese video game company LEVEL-5, best known for their critically acclaimed Professor Layton video game series and the upcoming game Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, is bringing three of the studio’s most popular Japanese-only releases to North America this Fall via the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™. The three titles – LIBERATION MAIDEN, AERO PORTER and CRIMSON SHROUD — were previously released only in Japan as part of GUILD01, a multi-game pack featuring works by some of the industry’s most respected game creators.

Check out the teaser trailer for all three games here!

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The Pending Move of MavPR East Unearths Archaeological Treasure Trove of Giveaway Tees

The principals of Maverick PR have been around for a long time.  A REALLY long time.  If you haven’t checked out our BIG HUGE LIST of the games we have worked on — go look at it now (always being updated)— we’ll wait…  OK, so now you’ve seen we’re older than dirt and have worked on just about every platform and genre there is in video games. Read more

World famous video game PR maestro (as well as Maverick PR Partner) Matt Frary was recently approached by up-and-coming video game site TheGameEffect to take part in their ongoing series, “Unsung Heroes.”

  • ED: if you missed the previous interview with Matt which ran on GamerFitNation, check it out here.


Unsung Heroes is a cool series wherein writers talk to some of the lesser known folks working behind-the-scenes to put video games on players’ proverbial tables.  You know… NOT the Cliff Bleszinskis or the David Jaffes… we’re talking the guys behind the guys behind the guy.  Between producers and marketers and PR folks and testers and art designers and level builders… there are a lot of people that help deliver the games we love to play.

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ScarygirlScarygirl for XBL, PSN, PC (, Square Enix


When something straight-up awesome-looking comes floating across a game PR person’s desk, that’s when our jobs become even more fun than they already are.  And for anyone who has seen even a teensy bit of Nathan Jurevicius’ award-winning graphic novel Scarygirl, they already know that awesome-looking doesn’t begin to describe the eye-patched, tentacled, stitch-mouthed cute girl with a  hook…

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Kim Swift and the Airtight Team Prepare for Their Panel at PAX Prime 2011

SEATTLE — We’re excited to announce, for those who do not already know, that Maverick PR is working on the next great game from designer Kim Swift, co-creator of Portal, entitled Quantum Conundrum.

That’s right!  And honestly, we can’t be any more excited that Square Enix turned to us when they needed a monster PR announcement for this important upcoming downloadable title.

Not only is the game flat-out amazing (DLC is really coming a long, long way), but you see, Kim was also an integral team leader for a pair of our own in-house favorite titles — Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Oh the many hours we’ve logged blasting Zombies and yelling at one another for release from a pesky Smoker… but that’s another story all together, people. Read more

TRT BoxTomb Raider Trilogy released a couple of weeks ago and we here at Maverick PR were a bit excited to jump into the fray and do a little bit of work with one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. 

Tomb Raider Trilogy combines three awesome Tomb Raider games into one amazing package for PlayStation 3. And if that’s not enough for you, all of the games have been re-mastered in HD to make them look even better than before.  Still not enough?  Well, don’t pick up that phone because the package also includes some PS3-exclusive items like avatar rewards and a special theme.

It’s an amazing deal — so if you missed the games on PS2, go get this now.  If you played them on PS2 and love Tomb Raider, go get this package now.  Don’t believe us – and really – why would you?  Just read some of the reviews!

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We’re really excited to be working on one of the biggest and most important franchises in video games – Deus Ex.  With Deus Ex: Human Revolution, this awesome blend of FPS action and RPG gameplay comes to current generation systems, bringing along exciting new human augmentations, and choose-your-own-gameplay fun — play stealth, run-and-gun, hacking… whatever you like.

We’ll be in Germany next week with Square Enix helping them to show off the game at GamesCom in Cologne.  In the meantime, enjoy the newest trailer, which shows off gameplay publicly for the very first time.

Nothing Comes Between Us and Our Coverage

There is a good looking man in this photo. Unfortunately, he's the one IN the GAME.

So, we’ve been working with Square Enix on their upcoming Action-RPG NIER for quite a while now, releasing cool videos, feature assets packs and providing product demos.  Sure, we haven’t said SQUAT about the story details… but we’ve been setting the stage for some big reveals.

But you know what?  That wasn’t enough.  Oh, no, we had to go all the way, and put a public face on the game.  And that face?  None other than MavPR Partner, Matt Frary.

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