BREAKING NEWS: PR Firm Finds Client’s Product to be “Awesome”

Ya ya… but in this case, it happens to be TRUE.  If you haven’t seen the news and review pouring in about the ASTRO Gaming A30 Cross-Gaming Headsets, you’re missing out.  Especially if you happen to be one of the following people on this earth:

  • Xbox360 or PS3 Gamer
  • PC Gamer
  • DS, PSP Gamer
  • iPod/iPhone, Blackberry User and Gamer
  • Skype User
  • Music Listener
  • Movie Watcher

OK, so I know you’re covered in that list. And if you are, than you already know how hard it is to find headphones that can let you listen and talk through Xbox Live, move to your PC, and then still be cool looking enough and flexible enough to plug into your iPhone and take out on the streets.

This is what the A30 does.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out IGN’s review, where the A30s receive the highest headset rating to date. Take that Tritton and Turtle Beach.  🙂

I use mine every day to Skype, talk on my Berry, listen to music, and to kill YOU in Left 4 Dead 2 PC.

Maverick PR Hops On Board with InfoNet Digital to Promote Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise

That’s right – this PR company is NOT a one-trick pony!  I mean, sure you’re talking to the guys that worked on the Unreal and D&D titles for years, but let’s not forget – we’ve also worked on games like Pajama Sam, Backyard Sports, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot.

In keeping with that diversified spirit, we’re happy to announce that we’re working with InfoNet Digital to promote their new iPhone/iPod Touch game, Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise.

This new app provides not only a fun and addicting game that challenges players to jump higher and higher while collecting special and rare items, but also an interactive and customizable application in which Hello Kitty fans can pose their own personalized scene featuring Hello Kitty and many of the other great Sanrio characters.  These scenes can filled with items collected from the game to create unique looks, and then can be used as wallpaper and shared online with other Hello Kitty fans.

Make and Share Your Own Hello Kitty Scene in the "My Room" Area

Make, Share Your Hello Kitty Scene in "My Room"

If you love HKHello Kitty Parachute Paradise is now available at the Apple App Store.  You can visit the Web site or the Facebook Page for more information.  If you want to do a story and need some assets… well, buzz us!

Big news for MavPR – we’re really excited to say that we are officially working with Square Enix on their upcoming strategy game, Order of War, due this Fall from developer  On this project, MavPR is developing and supporting the community as well as conducting outreach in support of the core PR team.

We’re doubly excited on this one because this project brings us onboard with a former client who previously hired us at Vivendi/Sierra.  We’re always really proud and excited to join up with someone we’ve worked with in the past.

So keep an eye out for Order of War.  You can already jump in at the Facebook Page or on the Steam Official Group and Steam Forums.  Official game forums coming soon…

In the midst of a crazy couple of weeks, the MavPR team hit the Big Apple alongside the crew from iRacing to show off the online persistent racing simulation game and service to some key outlets we couldn’t reach when we traveled out to San Francisco.

We had a great location at the BMW of Manhattan dealership, where we were surrounded by awesome cars and a great setup provided by the iRacing team with a full racing chassis, widescreen HDTV and a sweet set of pedals.

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Longtime video game journalist and MavPR friend John (JCal) Callaham from (part of the AOL network) had a chat with iRacing co-founder Dave Kaemmer about the big NASCAR deal.  The interview also took the time to explore the iRacing service as a whole.

It’s a real informative read so take a spin through the interview here.

And we learned that JCal is a NASCAR fan… who knew?  🙂

– PR_Flak

GameSpot Chats With Dave Kaemmer, iRacing Co-Founder, About the Big NASCAR Deal

GameSpot Chats With Dave Kaemmer, iRacing Co-Founder, About the Big NASCAR Deal

GameSpot took some time to chat with iRacing co-founder and racing game luminary Dave Kaemmer about the big iRacing/NASCAR deal that was announced yesterday and over the weekend.

The story went live this evening and looks fantastic.  Our congrats to Dave and the iRacing team.

To read the whole story, click right here.


As we mentioned last week, we’re really excited to be starting up with to help them reach out to the video game audience.  And yesterday, iRacing made a major announcement — that they are joining forces with NASCAR to create an official NASCAR-sanctioned online racing series within the iRacing service.

This is NOT just another NASCAR license; this is an actual, fully sanctioned NASCAR series.  For you racing fans out there, think about it like this: in the same way that NASCAR sanctions the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series — NASCAR has sanctioned this series with iRacing in a virtual space.

For you video game racing fans out there, think of it like this:  starting in 2010, iRacing users will be competing in a special division that is licensed and sanctioned by NASCAR, against other players and NASCAR drivers.  Yes, real-world NASCAR drivers who are also vying for the online racing title.

It’s a pretty exciting deal — if you are looking for the closest thing to being a professional NASCAR driver… if you think you’re the best at NASCAR games… if you think you can compete against legitimate — and sometimes professional — competition… then iRacing is the place for you to prove it.

There’s a lot more to talk about and even more things about it to be revealed later this year, but for now you can read about it in news posts at your favorite site, like IGN, CrispyGamer, BigDownload, and many more.

– PR_Flak

We’re really excited to announce that Motorsports Simulations, the most realistic racing simulation game in the world, has chosen Maverick PR to lead all video game enthusiast public relations outreach for the service. is the brainchild of legendary racing game developer Dave Kaemmer (formerly of Papyrus Software – best known for creating the last great NASCAR racing game, NASCAR 2003, as well as the highly regarded Grand Prix Legends) and John Henry, principal owner of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group, and co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing. The Impala Roars Around the Track

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Over on PR_Flak’s Flak Attak, Matt takes the PR industry to task about the traditional structure of agencies and the reliance on junior staff members for execution.

As you can see on our front page, MavPR’s philosophy has always been …only the most veteran professionals provide superior PR work.” This commitment to senior level expertise means we avoid the failures inherent with delegating primary execution of activities to inexperienced staff members.

Unfortunately for a lot of game companies that hire external PR, most PR agencies don’t follow the same belief system – it’s too expensive for them to do so.  Not so for MavPR.

Below are some excerpts; for the entire blog, head over here now.

  • Traditional PR agency structure is designed to be most cost-effective when the most inexperienced people do the most work.  The more hours an AAE puts in on your game versus a VP, the more profitable it is to the agency.  Take a moment and do the math on what that means for your game.”
  • “So if you’re a typical game publisher or developer with a game that needs promoting, you will most likely enter a new biz pitch with a traditional video game PR agency.  They will arrive flush with seemingly impressive people, including the [president] and [vice presidents]; a remote office (probably in NY, LA or SF) on speaker phone; and an [account director] who sports a furrowed brow and is nodding his head – in understanding – while furiously taking notes as you speak…
  • …But the hard truth is, this army of “senior” PR people will be the ones to lock down your business, but they will NOT be the ones working on your game.  The kid back at the office making copies of the pitch PPT is getting ready to make phone calls on your behalf.”

Maybe it’s time for YOU to try something new?

– PR_Flak