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We here at Maverick PR have worked with all kinds of developers and publishers, from some of the largest global video game companies like Vivendi, Square Enix and Ubisoft, right on down to smaller, independent developers like the amazing folks at Kiz Studios and Dark Vale Games.  It is exactly this variety and the breadth of experience that comes with working on both blockbusters and unknown IP, that makes us who we are.  And we love it.

In an interview last year, we very publicly stated that we were looking to do more work and create more partnerships with independent developers, to try and elevate the groundbreaking work and innovative designs that sometimes got lost in the shuffle of AAA blockbuster releases and multi-million dollar PR budgets.  We think that some of the most exciting, engaging and creative titles of the coming generation — as well as some of the most explosive growth in our industry– will explode from the independent development over the next five-to-ten years.


We’re excited to be on the forefront of this trend, and we are genuinely excited to announce that we are continuing to expand our work with independent developers by partnering with Bloober Team and their awesome upcoming PS4 launch title, Basement Crawl.  Basement Crawl is a very creepy, very interesting game that combines elements of Bomberman and Spy vs Spy and drops it right into the PS4 download ecosystem with macabre art and settings and multiplayer action.

When gamers get their new consoles, they will quickly realize that Basement Crawl is a unique experience to PS4 and is the first must-have download for the new system.

We’ll be telling you a lot more about this game in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and keep an eye out!

It’s a new year and it’s nice to have some new news to talk about — to keep it brief, Maverick is now working with Ubisoft on their upcoming online FPS Shootmania Storm.

Yay! Clap-clap, for us! Even Lakers fans are STOKED.

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California-based independent developer Dark Vale Games turns to Maverick PR to unveil their first project.


Last year in an interview with Neocrisis about Maverick PR, MavPR Partner Matt Frary was asked about some of the ideals on which the company was founded, and specifically which of those ideals had not yet been fully explored to satisfaction.  He said this:

“…we have always personally and professionally identified and bonded with game developers. So, finding a way to work effectively with independent dev teams – to help them be successful and play with the big boys – remains an objective for the Company.

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Maverick PR To Drive Innovative Community and Viral Campaigns, Provide Extended Media Support for Open-World Sequel

Um, ya... this looks AWESOME. [Just Cause 2]

Um... Awesome, much?

Have I mentioned how much we love it when we get to work with our client partners more than once, and on multiple titles?

Well, then you’ll know why we’re so pleased to announce that we are expanding our relationship with our friends at Square Enix to include work on their upcoming blockbuster sequel, Just Cause 2.

We’ll be working with the Square Enix and Eidos teams to support and augment their work by providing community development and management, innovative and creative viral outreach and content creation, and extended media relations.

As for the game?  It looks amazing.  It’s jammed full of interesting content for us to explore and reveal so we’re really looking forward to digging in and “peeling the onion” to show off exactly what makes the title truly unique.

You want a taste?  You know you do.  Go ahead – check out this video that broke just last night, and is currently spreading across the Internet.

Maverick and D3 Join Forces Again for Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

If he doesn't kill you with a rocket launcher, he'll get you with his good looks, ladies.

If he doesn't kill you with his rocket launcher, he'll get you with his good looks, ladies.

Our old friend Matt Hazard, he of classic video game ass-kickery and old-school action-badassitude, is rolling back into town with his mega-guns and snappy one-liners in a new XBL and PSN game – Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond.  And giddyup, ‘cuz we’re going along for the ride.

Maverick will be driving community outreach and online viral activities for the upcoming game, in a reprise of our role from the award-winning launch of D3’s first Matt Hazard game, Eat Lead.

While we may not be writing fictional blogs or drawing cartoons this time (of course… we might), there’s plenty to do and tons of content to explore.

We’re really excited to get our creative on again and continue the momentum we built up from the first launch while extending our relationship with a great partner at D3.

The first trailer is now out and kicks some serious ass (created with aplomb by our friend Amy at mOcean) and there is also nice preview up on IGN right now as well.

Come join the official Facebook Page, which we’re actually using as the official Web site for the game – a first for us and pretty cool, frankly!

I’ll quit my yapping now, it’s time to grab a gun.  A big gun.

It’s Hazard Time.

Maverick Jumps In With Community and Media Support For Dragon Quest Wars and Arkanoid Plus!

Arkanoid Plus!

We’re really excited to announce that Maverick is continuing its relationship with Square Enix here in North America, this time jumping in to support media activities and community outreach for some of Square Enix’s awesome upcoming downloadable titles.

These downloadable games will be coming out on a bunch of different systems and they represent some pretty great video game franchises, so we couldn’t be more excited about this.  First up – the aforementioned titles:  Arkanoid Plus! for WiiWare and Dragon Quest Wars for DSiWare – good times!

Dragon Quest Wars

Dragon Quest Wars

We’ve really enjoyed working with the entire team at Square Enix on Order of War (out now!!!) – and of course with all the people out there in the real world who we talk to every day about the game — and we expect great things from this new project.

So keep an eye out right away for information coming from Maverick about Arkanoid Plus! and Dragon Quest Wars — they are great games and come out very soon!

Maverick PR Hops On Board with InfoNet Digital to Promote Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise

That’s right – this PR company is NOT a one-trick pony!  I mean, sure you’re talking to the guys that worked on the Unreal and D&D titles for years, but let’s not forget – we’ve also worked on games like Pajama Sam, Backyard Sports, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot.

In keeping with that diversified spirit, we’re happy to announce that we’re working with InfoNet Digital to promote their new iPhone/iPod Touch game, Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise.

This new app provides not only a fun and addicting game that challenges players to jump higher and higher while collecting special and rare items, but also an interactive and customizable application in which Hello Kitty fans can pose their own personalized scene featuring Hello Kitty and many of the other great Sanrio characters.  These scenes can filled with items collected from the game to create unique looks, and then can be used as wallpaper and shared online with other Hello Kitty fans.

Make and Share Your Own Hello Kitty Scene in the "My Room" Area

Make, Share Your Hello Kitty Scene in "My Room"

If you love HKHello Kitty Parachute Paradise is now available at the Apple App Store.  You can visit the Web site or the Facebook Page for more information.  If you want to do a story and need some assets… well, buzz us!

Big news for MavPR – we’re really excited to say that we are officially working with Square Enix on their upcoming strategy game, Order of War, due this Fall from developer  On this project, MavPR is developing and supporting the community as well as conducting outreach in support of the core PR team.

We’re doubly excited on this one because this project brings us onboard with a former client who previously hired us at Vivendi/Sierra.  We’re always really proud and excited to join up with someone we’ve worked with in the past.

So keep an eye out for Order of War.  You can already jump in at the Facebook Page or on the Steam Official Group and Steam Forums.  Official game forums coming soon…