NY Times, NY Post, G4TV, Tech-Gaming, Kotaku All Agree The Experience of NIER is Unique and A Trip Worth Taking

NY Times Review

Seth Schiesel's NIER Review in NY Times Dove Deep Into Story and Mature Content

NIER continues to surprise and delight reviewers across all levels and genres of media from the New York Times to Kotaku to GamePro to G4TV.  We’re really excited to see all of the great coverage coming out and also to see that reviewers are taking the time to evaluate the game on its entire experience, rather than getting hung up on individual points of contention.

Let’s face it, this is just a highlight reel of some cool reviews, so let’s get to it…

The New York Times, as seen above, said:  “…if you reduce Nier to its constituent parts, there are plenty of games that surpass it in each area. But Nier never feels disjointed and it stands as an achievement in using many different styles of gaming in the service of a coherent, compelling whole.”

The NY Post weighed in with a B+, saying: “On its surface, Nier is just an action RPG. Below that, however, is a wonderfully complex tale with characters you’ll root for.”

G4TV came through with a 4/5 in their review that went on X-Play.  Is this because of someone’s dashing face appearing on that show earlier this year?  Decidedly yes, in my humble opinion… but it could just be the game too…

GamePro joined the fray, judging the game to be a “…fun title in its own right, creatively melding hack-n-slash gameplay with traditional RPG elements, and topped off with a bizarre, yet engrossing story.” 3.5/5 stars

Kotaku, which doesn’t assign scores, agreed, saying in their very positive review: “As I played, I was pleasantly surprised to find a complex action role-playing game with some big ideas, a daring storyline, flashy combat, and enough extra content to satisfy even the most obsessive compulsive role-playing fan.”

Tech-Gaming agreed, awarding NIER with a B and saying: “While the title does have a few niggling faults, it is also delightfully compelling as hours evaporate with each subsequent dungeon.”

This is all great news for NIER.  Have you tried the game yet?  You should.  Learn more at or go ahead and find out more right where you spend your day hiding from work responsibilities at

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Square Enix’s Latest Action-RPG Surprises Reviewers With Story and Depth

We’ve been really excited for the past few months as we continued to work on NIER with Square Enix.  The game had so many spoilers and so much content to hide it presented quite a challenge when it came time to demo and show it off.  It was so fun to take it on tour twice and never mention key plot points like the Shadowlord, multiple books and critical story arcs.  The goal?  To leave people wanting more and create some suspense during review playthroughs.

And we couldn’t be happier to see that the reviewers have enjoyed it as well.  While some express consternation over not being fully briefed prior to review, others have embraced what the game has to offer – namely an engaging story, multiple endings (one of which is truly epic), and unique characters.

As with any game, it has its strong points and weak points, but the overall experience has proven to be more than the sum of its parts for most reviewers.  As a result, it’s fair to say that NIER is rolling into “sleeper” territory.  Just check out some of the reviews:  Strategy Informer, GamingUnion, Bitbag, and PSXExtreme all weigh in with 8/10 scores.  Other outlets like Zeitgeist apply no score but talk about the amazing story and characters.

If you haven’t checked out NIER, you really should!

Nothing Comes Between Us and Our Coverage

There is a good looking man in this photo. Unfortunately, he's the one IN the GAME.

So, we’ve been working with Square Enix on their upcoming Action-RPG NIER for quite a while now, releasing cool videos, feature assets packs and providing product demos.  Sure, we haven’t said SQUAT about the story details… but we’ve been setting the stage for some big reveals.

But you know what?  That wasn’t enough.  Oh, no, we had to go all the way, and put a public face on the game.  And that face?  None other than MavPR Partner, Matt Frary.

Read more

Last week it was the First Look Previews and GameSpot’s accompanying exclusive... this week, it’s a first look for everyone else as NIER‘s very first gameplay trailer broke exclusively on GameSpot last night, hitting on the top of the Xbox 360 and PS3 pages.

Head over to GameSpot to take a peek at some of the secrets in store in this very mysterious game, and keep an eye out elsewhere as the video spreads later today!  [if embedding is malfunctioning, CLICK HERE]

Video Game Media Take First Real Look at cavia Inc and Square Enix’s Upcoming Action-RPG

We already talked about GameSpot’s first preview that hit as the lead story on the site (and eventually propelled the game to the most popular game overall on GameSpot – nice!), but shortly thereafter, previews sprung up around the web on other outlets as well.

We’ve seen previews hitting on 1UP, TeamXbox, IGN, Destructoid, and GameRevolution and we haven’t even taken the wraps off the story quite yet.

Congrats again to the NIER team at Square Enix!

GameSpot Is First Outlet To Go Live With New Preview of Square Enix and cavia Inc’s Action-RPG NIER

We’ve been working somewhat behind the scenes on NIER for a while now, methodically plotting and executing its reintroduction to the world like Dr. Evil in his underground lair.  While it’s slated to release in Spring 2010, nobody has really seen what the game truly is.  Until now.

GameSpot is the first media outlet to start taking the wraps off of NIER, posting their exclusive first-look preview tonight that reveals the game’s RPG gameplay and features, Nier’s powerful magic and the twisting storyline of a father trying desperately to save his daughter.

There will be more previews coming up tomorrow, but in the meantime, grab a piece of a really thorough and informative preview over on GameSpot right now.

We’re really excited to be working on the game, and even moreso to see the previous months of work starting to pay off for the game, and the team!  Congrats everyone!

And you can keep up to date on NIER news and assets by checking out the game’s bran-new Facebook page: