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In the world of small business, you end up doing a lot of things yourself. Frankly, this is why I love running this boutique PR agency — I end up taking responsibility for things like logo design, business card design and production, tee-shirts and other swag, marketing materials, backgrounders and much, much more.

We love working with independent developers, and when you do that as much as we are, it’s critical that you can run as lean and mean as they do, to keep rates low and clients happy.

So… to that end… one of my additional roles is also Web Designer and Web Master. Yes, I am responsible for the look and stability of this site, a site that gets WAY more views than we ever thought it would. And no, I’m not a web guy. And seriously… way more views than we ever thought.

When we hit problems with the site at the end of last year, it was on me to diagnose and fix. But, it was ALSO on me to push awesome games like Elite: Dangerous, so the site’s priority fell pretty fast, pretty hard.

But now… we’re back! Things are normal again after a deep dive with tech support and we’ll be be back posting a lot more.

To those who stopped by and couldn’t find info on us… or media who tried to register for the media list and couldn’t… we’re sorry! But keep an eye out as we get back to posting all the great news and info on our clients as well as additional pieces that we just make up on the side, like reviving the Thank You For Gaming streaming show we had so much fun with last year.

Hopefully we won’t have the site fall apart again, but if you does, you know who to complain to… THIS GUY.

Maverick PR Partner Matt Frary Prepares to Fight for the Web Site Redesign

Maverick PR Partner Matt Frary Prepares to Fight for the Web Site Redesign


Every six-to-eight months, we find ourselves, like Sisyphus, devolving into an endless cycle here at Maverick PR.   It’s a process, if you want to call it that, but a process that rarely produces a result or a conclusion.  It’s like a semi-annual bloodsport during which the partners brainstorm and argue; we criticize, degrade and humiliate one another; we snipe like teenagers and fight voraciously; and we lay out passive aggressive statements so heavy with negative subtext that it would make grown men weep. Read more

Hope you like the updated look of the site.  We made a few key art tweaks to better execute on the feel of MavPR and some additional behind-the-scenes adjustments to how this site is designed at its core.

We’ve also added a more detailed explanation of exactly what “Less Overhead, More IN The Head” means to us and why it’s such an important company motto.  Go ahead and click on the link at right (or here) to read more about how we leverage our virtual office to offer senior leadership at a more affordable rate.

– PR_Flak

Yes, I could have made that headline more appealing, but I’m not trying to hook new readers here, right?

We’re really excited that the “mainstream” is starting to pick up on the business trend that started emerging last year — namely that companies are looking for innovative ways to cut costs while improving results and freelancers and “micro-boutiques” are emerging as the answer.

Luckily for us – we’re right in the middle of it!  Maverick PR’s philosophy is and has always been “Less Overhead, More In The Head” — meaning that we can deliver better results for less money due to our innovative business model and years of experience. Read more