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There is a good looking man in this photo. Unfortunately, he's the one IN the GAME.

So, we’ve been working with Square Enix on their upcoming Action-RPG NIER for quite a while now, releasing cool videos, feature assets packs and providing product demos.  Sure, we haven’t said SQUAT about the story details… but we’ve been setting the stage for some big reveals.

But you know what?  That wasn’t enough.  Oh, no, we had to go all the way, and put a public face on the game.  And that face?  None other than MavPR Partner, Matt Frary.

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Supreme Commander 2 for Xbox 360

The second half of the RTS double-header better known as Supreme Commander 2 released today on Xbox 360.  The PC version of the game developed by Gas Powered Games released a few weeks ago (March 2) to an excited horde of RTS maniacs on Steam.

Reviews to date have been stellar, including an 87% from PC Gamer and an 8.4 from IGN.

The Xbox 360 version of the Supreme Commander 2 was developed  by the team at GPG, including the RTS Gaming Guru himself, Chris Taylor.  As such, excitement is high that the console version of the game will be much improved over the original Supreme Commander.

Keep an eye out for the early reviews!

Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3

It’s March 9, 2010.  Final Fantasy XIII has finally arrived.  Is there really anything else to say?

  • First core Final Fantasy title on Xbox 360
  • First Final Fantasy title on the new generation of platforms
  • New Battle System, New Story, New Characters

It’s awesome!  Go buy it!

Supreme Commander 2 for PC

Supreme Commander 2 for the PC released today.  The reviews are just starting to roll in and it looks like Gas Powered Games and Chris Taylor have another RTS hit on their hands!

Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

TeamXbox Interviews GPG's Chris Taylor

IGN’s TeamXbox also got into the Supreme Commander 2 action today interviewing Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor to talk about the Xbox 360-specifics surrounding the RTS sequel.

Check it out here:  Chris Taylor on TeamXbox

And, here’s another excerpt:

It wasn’t that long ago that we spoke to Chris Taylor, lead designer of Supreme Commander 2 at Gas Powered Games about the forthcoming real-time strategy. He gave us an overview of how the game came together and what the Redmond, Washington-based developer had in mind for the new game.

We got him on the horn again to talk more specifically this time about the Xbox 360 controls, which brought up some interesting points about the SupCom 2 gameplay. Not only did the studio come up with some new ways to do the sequel on Xbox 360, but in the course of the brainstorming, came up with changes and additions that help the whole franchise improve—across the console and PC versions. Sometimes, your wins come about in unexpected ways.

The following is an edited transcript of our lengthy chat with Taylor, but it shows the thought process that went into some of the SupCom 2 gameplay—which you’ll be able to see for yourself when it comes out next month. And be sure to check out Taylor’s own descriptions of the game’s Xbox 360 controls in the exclusive video below.

GPG's Chris Taylor interviewed by Ars Technica

Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor was interviewed about his studio’s upcoming sequel, Supreme Commander 2, by prominent tech/gaming web site Ars Technica.

Check it out here:  Ars Technica interviews Chris Taylor

And, here’s a excerpt:

Supreme Commander was a strategy game that got a great many things right, and it earned a ton of critical acclaim. As a result, the game’s soon-to-be-released sequel, Supreme Commander 2, has some high standards to measure up against. Gas Powered Games’ founder and CEO Chris Taylor is not only planning meet these expectations, he’s certain that his studio will exceed them without a problem.

Though the original game was published in 2007, it only had one expansion before the sequel was announced in November 2008. The announcement took many fans by surprise, as plans for another expansion, Supreme Commander: Experimentals, had been mentioned; but these expansion plans were never seen through to completion. When Ars asked Taylor about what happened, he explained, “we were very hopeful about that expansion as well, but with the economy shifting under our feet, we instead chose to focus on the projects further along in development.” However, based on what Taylor’s revealed about Supreme Commander 2, it sounds like it will have been worth the wait for fans of the series.

2010 NBA ALL-STAR Celebrity Game Sponsored by Final Fantasy XIII

So, what does Square Enix’s upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XIII and the 2010 NBA ALL-STAR Game have in common?!  Everything, of course!  Sure, we regularly see video game ads at Prime Time nowadays, game billboards and commercials while watching major sporting events, reviews and coverage in major media outlets…but,we’re definitely moving into a new realm of exposure here.

I think I can safely say that Final Fantasy XIII has landed in the record books as the FIRST RPG video game franchise to have sponsored an official NBA ALL-STAR event, more specifically the 2010 NBA ALL-STAR Celebrity Game.  The NBA is clearly looking to broaden their audience and frankly so is Square Enix/Final Fantasy so it’s basically a match made in video gaming heaven, which is pretty cool.  And, at Maverick PR…we are supportive of all things Video Gaming and all things Basketball!

Anyway, the event went off without a hitch.  The Pros played on Sunday and the celebrities played on Saturday.  Michael Rapaport walked off with the MVP this year after shutting down last year’s MVP Terrel Owens with some stifling D.

Here are a few images from ALL-STAR Weekend:

Destructoid Feature on Supreme Commander 2

Destructoid is running a week-long video feature story highlighting several of the new Experimental Units in Supreme Commander 2.  The videos are narrated by Gas Powered Games’ own Chris Taylor and will appear over the course of the following week starting with Monday’s Noah Unit Cannon.

Today’s featured Experimental Unit is The Kraken!

Check it out, here — Destructoid

Today we take to the sea, with an exclusive look at “The Kraken,” a Cybran faction experimental submarine in Supreme Commander 2.

“It has a very intimidating look,” says Gas Powered Games Chris Taylor. “Its looks match its firepower.”

Obviously designed after the mythical sea monster of the same name, Supreme Commander 2’s Kraken can be used to destroy nearby ships, aircraft, as well as enemy submarines. The Kraken’s usefulness isn’t confined to water, however — bringing the unit close to shore will allow it to attack structures and land units.

Be sure not to miss yesterday’s look at the “Bomb Bouncer.” Tomorrow we take a look at a Supreme Commander 2 unit inspired by the real-life AC130 gunship, the AC1000. Yes, the discrepancy in numbers gives you a good idea of what we’re dealing with.

Last week it was the First Look Previews and GameSpot’s accompanying exclusive... this week, it’s a first look for everyone else as NIER‘s very first gameplay trailer broke exclusively on GameSpot last night, hitting on the top of the Xbox 360 and PS3 pages.

Head over to GameSpot to take a peek at some of the secrets in store in this very mysterious game, and keep an eye out elsewhere as the video spreads later today!  [if embedding is malfunctioning, CLICK HERE]

Video Game Media Take First Real Look at cavia Inc and Square Enix’s Upcoming Action-RPG

We already talked about GameSpot’s first preview that hit as the lead story on the site (and eventually propelled the game to the most popular game overall on GameSpot – nice!), but shortly thereafter, previews sprung up around the web on other outlets as well.

We’ve seen previews hitting on 1UP, TeamXbox, IGN, Destructoid, and GameRevolution and we haven’t even taken the wraps off the story quite yet.

Congrats again to the NIER team at Square Enix!