Final Fantasy XIII Twitter Tour in San Francisco

Last week the Final Fantasy XIII Twitter Tour Bus made numerous stops all over the fine city of San Francisco.  Media establishments and fans alike were able to get their hands on the highly anticipated Square Enix opus for the first time.  We regularly tweeted the FFXIII Tour Bus’ location via Twitter to let local fans know where it would be throughout the day.  Needless to say, the bus was swamped with eager RPG fans everyday it was in the city.

Here are a few additional images from the tour:

GameSpot Is First Outlet To Go Live With New Preview of Square Enix and cavia Inc’s Action-RPG NIER

We’ve been working somewhat behind the scenes on NIER for a while now, methodically plotting and executing its reintroduction to the world like Dr. Evil in his underground lair.  While it’s slated to release in Spring 2010, nobody has really seen what the game truly is.  Until now.

GameSpot is the first media outlet to start taking the wraps off of NIER, posting their exclusive first-look preview tonight that reveals the game’s RPG gameplay and features, Nier’s powerful magic and the twisting storyline of a father trying desperately to save his daughter.

There will be more previews coming up tomorrow, but in the meantime, grab a piece of a really thorough and informative preview over on GameSpot right now.

We’re really excited to be working on the game, and even moreso to see the previous months of work starting to pay off for the game, and the team!  Congrats everyone!

And you can keep up to date on NIER news and assets by checking out the game’s bran-new Facebook page:

We’re happy to report that Just Cause 2 looks awesome and is showing off its grapple + parachute stunt-filled combat explosion open-world hijinx.  Can we make that its own genre?

Recently we had a chance to set-up some in-person, hands-on showings of the game for some sites here in North America, and we’re really excited to see some great coverage hitting from the visits.

But, rather than us telling you JC2 is a great game – which I’m sure you kind of expect us to do — why don’t you take a peek for yourself at what the professionals have to say about it:

Kotaku | Joystiq | Destructoid | Game Revolution | Gaming Target

So, Square and PopCap Games decided to pool their considerable n3rd-cred and come up with a game that combines the addictive casual play of a puzzler with the depth and complexity of an RPG.

While seemingly  unfathomable just a few years back….we at Maverick KNOW this formula works because we’ve sunk more hours into D3’s Puzzle Quest series than we care to publicly admit.

The result of Square and PopCap’s hard work is none other than the soon to be released Gyromancer — a time-sucking, black hole of a game I believe they designed with the sole purpose of stealing away every last bit of the year 2009 I have left.  Others suggest there may be something divine in Gyromancer‘s origin…

Penny Arcade on Gyromancer's immaculate conception

“Gyromancer appears to be the work of a nefarious intellect, when the truth is substantially more beautiful: Gyromancer stands as proof of an interested, active, and present divinity, like spontaneous fermentation. Such indicators are rare, and when we find them we must cling to them, like hunks of bobbing wreckage.– Tycho Brahe, Penny Arcade

Of course, it’s also possible they are simply trying to make a great XBLA/PC title!

Regardless, we released a great new trailer for Gyromancer today as well as the planned release date of November 18th on XBLA and PC.  You can check out the trailer here:

Giantbomb, Shacknews or Team Xbox.

Stay tuned for more on this highly anticipated title.

Maverick PR To Drive Innovative Community and Viral Campaigns, Provide Extended Media Support for Open-World Sequel

Um, ya... this looks AWESOME. [Just Cause 2]

Um... Awesome, much?

Have I mentioned how much we love it when we get to work with our client partners more than once, and on multiple titles?

Well, then you’ll know why we’re so pleased to announce that we are expanding our relationship with our friends at Square Enix to include work on their upcoming blockbuster sequel, Just Cause 2.

We’ll be working with the Square Enix and Eidos teams to support and augment their work by providing community development and management, innovative and creative viral outreach and content creation, and extended media relations.

As for the game?  It looks amazing.  It’s jammed full of interesting content for us to explore and reveal so we’re really looking forward to digging in and “peeling the onion” to show off exactly what makes the title truly unique.

You want a taste?  You know you do.  Go ahead – check out this video that broke just last night, and is currently spreading across the Internet.

Square’s Thexder NEO for the PSPgo released today on the PlayStation Network.  Thexder NEO is a remake of the classic 1985 side-scrolling shooter featuring a transformative robot/spaceship/fighter/jet with LOTS of enemies and even more weapons to shoot them with.

The Thexder NEO launch coincides with the release of the PSPgo itself which included a host of new downloadable games available from PSN as well as numerous updates, assets and more.

Shacknews has a pretty comprehensive look at the day’s PSN releases.

And, here are a few Thexder NEO screens!

Maverick Jumps In With Community and Media Support For Dragon Quest Wars and Arkanoid Plus!

Arkanoid Plus!

We’re really excited to announce that Maverick is continuing its relationship with Square Enix here in North America, this time jumping in to support media activities and community outreach for some of Square Enix’s awesome upcoming downloadable titles.

These downloadable games will be coming out on a bunch of different systems and they represent some pretty great video game franchises, so we couldn’t be more excited about this.  First up – the aforementioned titles:  Arkanoid Plus! for WiiWare and Dragon Quest Wars for DSiWare – good times!

Dragon Quest Wars

Dragon Quest Wars

We’ve really enjoyed working with the entire team at Square Enix on Order of War (out now!!!) – and of course with all the people out there in the real world who we talk to every day about the game — and we expect great things from this new project.

So keep an eye out right away for information coming from Maverick about Arkanoid Plus! and Dragon Quest Wars — they are great games and come out very soon!

OOW Multiplayer Mode Gets a Hands-On Showcase in San Francisco to Online Outlets

We love going to San Francisco.  Really we do.  We’re there quite a bit.  In fact, besides cities that I’ve lived in, I would say I have spent most of my time in San Francisco.  To be fair, the entirety of my knowledge of SanFran revolves around a small, 5-block cluster centered on the W Hotel, The Palomar, The Argent (now Westin), 1UP and GameSpot… and then a tiny peninsula in South San Francisco.  So… I’m no tour guide.

This, the view from the Westin, is all I ever see of SF. If you look hard, you can see Alcatraz back there.  I've never been there.

View from the Westin: all I ever see of SF. If you squint, you can see Alcatraz . I've never been there.

However, I do know where everyone works.  So when Maverick was tasked with whisking Order of War up to San Francisco for a showcase of the game’s cool multiplayer mode, we had a pretty good idea of what we needed to do.  So off we went!  And, we had a great time talking about the game and facing off head-to-head with some of the industry’s top PC journalists in the two maps we were showing.  I can’t say I was victorious often, but it was a blast either way.

Take a minute to check out some of the coverage that has hit online since our tour.  You can find it here on IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, GamesRadar, 1UP and Worthplaying.

I utilized my rocket artillery with much ballyhoo, but alas, most editors shamed me anyway.

I utilized my rocket artillery with much ballyhoo, but alas, most editors shamed me anyway.

And keep an eye out for the multiplayer demo – 2 levels of WWII strategy action are going to drop on your head this coming Tuesday – 9/15!!

Big news for MavPR – we’re really excited to say that we are officially working with Square Enix on their upcoming strategy game, Order of War, due this Fall from developer  On this project, MavPR is developing and supporting the community as well as conducting outreach in support of the core PR team.

We’re doubly excited on this one because this project brings us onboard with a former client who previously hired us at Vivendi/Sierra.  We’re always really proud and excited to join up with someone we’ve worked with in the past.

So keep an eye out for Order of War.  You can already jump in at the Facebook Page or on the Steam Official Group and Steam Forums.  Official game forums coming soon…