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More than 500,000 PC gamers have discovered the next viral hit on STEAM’s Early Access, and that game is Space Engineers, a space-based sandbox engineering game that lets you mine asteroids, build ships, and so much more. The game comes from Keen Software House, a studio dedicated to mixing real science and science fiction fun in gaming to create new experiences.

See below for the full release, and be sure to check out Space Engineers today!

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We here at Maverick PR are KIND OF a bunch of nerds. Our nerdery spans the library of nerd topics… from comic books to hardware to naturalism to fantasy to scifi to hard science to zombies to… basically, everything.

So if you tell us there’s a game that allows you to build and pilot your own space ships, space stations and all manner of craft, than yes, we’re in. Read more

We’re really excited to be helping Dark Vale Games and all of their partners release FORGE today.  FORGE is an awesome new indie PC game that evolves PC multiplayer with amazingly fun, fast and strategic skill-based PvP.  Check out more at

FORGE has followed a long road to get where it is today — and where is it?  On Steam (, Amazon, and Gamersgate for $19.99 (each purchase awards a second copy of the game FREE to give to friends!).  The game went through a “Kick-Finish” campaign on Kickstarter, launched an Alpha, and then was chosen by fans on Steam to be in the Greenlight program… all the while ,more than 20,000 players were transfixed in the beta program, constantly refining and bug squashing as release date neared.

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Congratulations to the team at Dark Vale, as well as everyone involved from SuperGenius and Digital Confectioners.  The game looks and plays amazing and is going to be the best indie multiplayer game of the year. Read more


Massive Steam User Community Votes-In Upcoming PC Multiplayer Game As One Of Top Ten Titles on Greenlight

CARSLBAD, CA (Oct. 19, 2012) — Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, is proud to confirm that FORGE, the upcoming PC multiplayer title that plays like an action-shooter — but featuring MMO-style abilities — will be available worldwide through Steam after being selected through Steam Greenlight. FORGE beat out thousands of other game submissions in the Greenlight program, earning the votes of the massive Steam user community to finish among the Top Ten of the most recently approved titles. FORGE will be available for pre-order on Steam soon.

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Fans Can Pre-Order Now For Instant Access to the Full Beta or Register on the Site for a Free 14-Day Trial and Help Finish One of the Most Exciting Multiplayer Games of the Year

Game Remains In The Top Ten of The Steam Greenlight Program

CARSLBAD, CA (Oct. 4, 2012) — Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, has launched the Beta for FORGE , welcoming more than 18,000 gamers to play the upcoming PC multiplayer title prior to release. The closed Beta will run from now through November and is currently open to those who registered early this summer as well as anyone who has pre-ordered the game.

FORGE is currently among the Top Ten highest-rated titles in Steam’s Greenlight program thanks to the game’s intense community support. Fans should visit the game’s Greenlight page immediately to vote for FORGE and earn it a spot within the Steam platform.

[check out the latest map reveal — Capital Siege — in the flythrough video below!]

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