This year’s E3 was a magnificent display of towering AAA console games like Uncharted 4 and Halo 5, amazing technology like Hololens and Oculus, and a myriad of additional mega-franchises all vying for attention and position as the #1 upcoming game.

Meanwhile, the best mobile game of the show — RELICS OF GODS, from Chinese developer Seasun — showed off its wares and wowed attendees with its amazing 3v3 turn-based strategy gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Missed RELICS OF GODS during E3? Well fret not! Check out the video above to get a quick tour of the highlights discussed during the show, all in just 2.5 minutes!

And keep an eye out for this incredible Unreal Engine-powered mobile game, releasing later this year!



Anno Online mixes SimCity and Civilization, parties like it’s 1399 — GamesRadar

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We here at Maverick PR pride ourselves on being pretty serious gamers.  Yes, despite the creep of old age, the interference of pesky things like work, families and other responsibilities, we generally still carve out the time to play many of the new games — from the biggest blockbusters to the smallest indie titles.  Shooters, RPGs, RTS, MMOs… we try to get them all in.  Heaven forbid we’re at a press event and can’t keep up with the conversation about top games of the year.  Heaven.  Forbid.   Read more

TOS Easter 2013Players will take part in an epic Easter hunt

SAN FRANCISCO – March 21, 2013 – Today Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® announced that The Settlers® Online, the browser-based strategy game, will showcase a thrilling Easter event. Starting today, the vast lands of the free-to-play game will be packed with a brand new resource: Easter eggs.

Players will have to take part in eight adventures to collect as many Easter Eggs as possible to trade and exchange them in the warehouse. They will have access to new buildings for resource production or decoration. Read more