SEATTLE — We’ve had an amazing time working on one of the best games of 2011, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for the past year or so.  It was a long (and worthwhile) road for everyone from the development team to the marketing crew and including the diehard series fans who have waited several long years for a sequel to call their own. Read more

Square Enix’s Latest Action-RPG Surprises Reviewers With Story and Depth

We’ve been really excited for the past few months as we continued to work on NIER with Square Enix.  The game had so many spoilers and so much content to hide it presented quite a challenge when it came time to demo and show it off.  It was so fun to take it on tour twice and never mention key plot points like the Shadowlord, multiple books and critical story arcs.  The goal?  To leave people wanting more and create some suspense during review playthroughs.

And we couldn’t be happier to see that the reviewers have enjoyed it as well.  While some express consternation over not being fully briefed prior to review, others have embraced what the game has to offer – namely an engaging story, multiple endings (one of which is truly epic), and unique characters.

As with any game, it has its strong points and weak points, but the overall experience has proven to be more than the sum of its parts for most reviewers.  As a result, it’s fair to say that NIER is rolling into “sleeper” territory.  Just check out some of the reviews:  Strategy Informer, GamingUnion, Bitbag, and PSXExtreme all weigh in with 8/10 scores.  Other outlets like Zeitgeist apply no score but talk about the amazing story and characters.

If you haven’t checked out NIER, you really should!

Our friends over at Destructoid picked up on our release about Matt Hazard hitting 1,000 friends over on his epic, badass (and such) Facebook Page.

First of all, let’s all acknowledge that nabbing 1,000 friends is a pretty solid achievement for a classic video game character.  For reference, we are now only about 350 fans behind the much-ballyhooed and uber-hyped “Master Chief.”  Clearly that guy’s fame is all smoke and mirrors!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we dove deep into the Hazard archives and found other major achievements in Hazard’s history that involve the number 1,000.

My favorite?  The reference to the lost game Corona and its repetitive Bungie-jump Gameplay design… you can check all the fun facts out right here on the Facebook Page, or hit the Destructoid link and read them there!

Meanwhile, we totally love the commendation offered up from Destructoid, as they open their story thusly:

You really ought to commend the folks at Maverick PR (and Vicious Cycle Software) for their work on Matt Hazard. They’ve done a tremendous job of creating a back-story for the videogame character who’s got a fictional past, both in and outside of the games.

Hazard rolls on as Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond gets closer to ship.  Remember, the Facebook Page is the official online home for all things Hazard, so you can check him out and keep up to date there.  Also, Hazard is running his own Twitter account – which is interesting to say the least – which you can find over at @HowHazardRollz

Follow him… OR DIE! 🙂 (that’s a joke, by the wayOR IS IT?!?!?! (it is).

We’re happy to report that Just Cause 2 looks awesome and is showing off its grapple + parachute stunt-filled combat explosion open-world hijinx.  Can we make that its own genre?

Recently we had a chance to set-up some in-person, hands-on showings of the game for some sites here in North America, and we’re really excited to see some great coverage hitting from the visits.

But, rather than us telling you JC2 is a great game – which I’m sure you kind of expect us to do — why don’t you take a peek for yourself at what the professionals have to say about it:

Kotaku | Joystiq | Destructoid | Game Revolution | Gaming Target

Maverick PR To Drive Innovative Community and Viral Campaigns, Provide Extended Media Support for Open-World Sequel

Um, ya... this looks AWESOME. [Just Cause 2]

Um... Awesome, much?

Have I mentioned how much we love it when we get to work with our client partners more than once, and on multiple titles?

Well, then you’ll know why we’re so pleased to announce that we are expanding our relationship with our friends at Square Enix to include work on their upcoming blockbuster sequel, Just Cause 2.

We’ll be working with the Square Enix and Eidos teams to support and augment their work by providing community development and management, innovative and creative viral outreach and content creation, and extended media relations.

As for the game?  It looks amazing.  It’s jammed full of interesting content for us to explore and reveal so we’re really looking forward to digging in and “peeling the onion” to show off exactly what makes the title truly unique.

You want a taste?  You know you do.  Go ahead – check out this video that broke just last night, and is currently spreading across the Internet.

Maverick and D3 Join Forces Again for Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

If he doesn't kill you with a rocket launcher, he'll get you with his good looks, ladies.

If he doesn't kill you with his rocket launcher, he'll get you with his good looks, ladies.

Our old friend Matt Hazard, he of classic video game ass-kickery and old-school action-badassitude, is rolling back into town with his mega-guns and snappy one-liners in a new XBL and PSN game – Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond.  And giddyup, ‘cuz we’re going along for the ride.

Maverick will be driving community outreach and online viral activities for the upcoming game, in a reprise of our role from the award-winning launch of D3’s first Matt Hazard game, Eat Lead.

While we may not be writing fictional blogs or drawing cartoons this time (of course… we might), there’s plenty to do and tons of content to explore.

We’re really excited to get our creative on again and continue the momentum we built up from the first launch while extending our relationship with a great partner at D3.

The first trailer is now out and kicks some serious ass (created with aplomb by our friend Amy at mOcean) and there is also nice preview up on IGN right now as well.

Come join the official Facebook Page, which we’re actually using as the official Web site for the game – a first for us and pretty cool, frankly!

I’ll quit my yapping now, it’s time to grab a gun.  A big gun.

It’s Hazard Time.

Maverick Jumps In With Community and Media Support For Dragon Quest Wars and Arkanoid Plus!

Arkanoid Plus!

We’re really excited to announce that Maverick is continuing its relationship with Square Enix here in North America, this time jumping in to support media activities and community outreach for some of Square Enix’s awesome upcoming downloadable titles.

These downloadable games will be coming out on a bunch of different systems and they represent some pretty great video game franchises, so we couldn’t be more excited about this.  First up – the aforementioned titles:  Arkanoid Plus! for WiiWare and Dragon Quest Wars for DSiWare – good times!

Dragon Quest Wars

Dragon Quest Wars

We’ve really enjoyed working with the entire team at Square Enix on Order of War (out now!!!) – and of course with all the people out there in the real world who we talk to every day about the game — and we expect great things from this new project.

So keep an eye out right away for information coming from Maverick about Arkanoid Plus! and Dragon Quest Wars — they are great games and come out very soon!

D3Publisher of America and Maverick PR’s Campaign for Eat Lead Claims 2009 Mi6 Award for Most Effective Viral Community Oriented Campaign

Let’s take a moment here to pat ourselves and our awesome client on the back.  I mean, pat our “award-winning” client and selves on our collective “award-winning” back.

We’re incredibly proud and excited to see that the Mi6 video game marketing awards has recognized the viral community campaign for D3Publisher’s Eat Lead with a Bronze Award for the “Most Effective Viral Community Oriented Campaign” of the past year.

  • You can read more about thecampaign in GameSpot’s interview with D3 and Maverick HERE

Read more

Big news for MavPR – we’re really excited to say that we are officially working with Square Enix on their upcoming strategy game, Order of War, due this Fall from developer  On this project, MavPR is developing and supporting the community as well as conducting outreach in support of the core PR team.

We’re doubly excited on this one because this project brings us onboard with a former client who previously hired us at Vivendi/Sierra.  We’re always really proud and excited to join up with someone we’ve worked with in the past.

So keep an eye out for Order of War.  You can already jump in at the Facebook Page or on the Steam Official Group and Steam Forums.  Official game forums coming soon…