We talked a little bit previously about the event we ran for Wanted: Weapons of Fate for Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group as a last second showing leading into reviews.  We had a great time both arranging and executing the event and as I mentioned in the earlier post, it was a real pleasure to work with a group of outlets that many PR people don’t have the opportunity to reach out to.

I just wanted to post an update, because some of the coverage coming out of that event was really interesting and of course the reviews… the reviews were great.  So take a look below at some of the hits that the attending press put together in betweem riding a mechanical bull and having private screenings on the Universal Lot.

You can read reviews of the game from Atomic Gamer, Cheat Code Central, Digital Entertainment News, Game Over Online, Game Vortex, Gamer 2.0, Kombo and PlanetXbox360.

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The MavPR team is fresh back from our trip out to California (“home”) to show off the upcoming release of Wanted: Weapons of Fate to a group of online reviewers.  We had a great time taking a look behind the scenes with the Universal Pictures development team, learning more about the Wanted universe, the design inspiration, and how they got those bullets to curve so damn nicely.

We also had a delightful demo of how to sneak up on someone and stab them in their… well… places no one should be stabbed.

I love review events, especially when we have a group of development professionals who are as passionate and talented as the ones on Wanted.  People who legitimately enjoy presenting their work and talking about the intimate details and design theory they believe in, no matter how many times they are asked.

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We’ve been working with the teams at Universal and Warner Brothers supporting the PR launch on Wanted: Weapons of Fate.  It’s been a fun and challenging assignment for us, coming from the licensor side for the first time, and it’s especially satisfying to see the game start to get the kind of coverage it deserves.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a great game that just happens to be based on a movie.  Looks like Destructoid agreed with that statement too, in their look at the game we arranged on the side 🙂 :

What’s most impressive about the game, though, is that it’s … impressive. Forget the fact that it’s associated with a movie for just one second; Weapons of Fate seems like it’s provide the kinds of third-person shooter thrills fans of the genre crave.”

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There’s a lot more coming on W:WOF these days…

– PR_Flak

We’re really excited and proud to say that we enter the new year working closely with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group on their video game initiative and specifically on their upcoming game Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

We originally paired with Uni right before E3 last year to give Wanted: Weapons of Fate a proper announcement and first showing.  In only a week of work managed to secure a full slate of meetings, solid  first-look coverage and big, coordinated exclusives with both IGN and Game Informer.

Since E3, we’ve continued to work alongside Universal in a new role – overseeing the publisher’s PR work from a licensor perspective.  This is a true role reversal for us as we are used to being in-house and working to meet the expectations of our licensors.

MavPR has a history with Universal going back to Matt’s days at Sierra launching Scarface: The World is Yours — a successful pairing which turned out to produce the biggest launch in the company’s history, with the game selling nearly 4 million units worldwide.

It’s especially rewarding for us to be able to continue our working relationships across projects. We always strive to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and Universal has been exceptional to work with.

– PR_Flak