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Take A Look Inside FORGE’s Closed Beta With This Community Made Gameplay Trailer

As Dark Vale Games bring their upcoming PC multiplayer game FORGE closer and closer to release, the closed beta is in full swing. That means that PC gamers from around the world have been blasting, shocking, hitting, casting and burning one another wildly for weeks.

Not in the closed beta yourself? Wondering what’s going on in there? Wondering what in this game drove media previewers to call it “Face-Punchingly Good?” Well now is your chance to take a peek inside the exclusive gaming sessions with an all-new gameplay video.

And the best part about this video is that it is made BY the community, for everyone who hasn’t discovered the game yet. That’s right — Dark Vale Games has been hosting a Movie-Making Contest, and community member Pilluminati won with the submission below. The prize? Some free stuff PLUS we’re using the submission as part of our PR campaign.

So take a look and enjoy — the game is coming very soon and is definitely one of the best looking and playing indie PC games of 2012.