We Pwn Media and Show Off DLC FPS Awesomeness in San Francisco…

We just completed a nice preview event in San Francisco with our partners at Ignition Entertainment for their upcoming FPS Blacklight: Tango Down. It’s always fun doing hands-on with competitive shooters – me loves to pwn media. 🙂

So, what’s BLTD, you ask?  The short of it is this — a multiplayer-focused, Unreal Engine 3-powered, near-future FPS that will available only through digital download for an expected price of $15.

Yes – Unreal tech, tons of modes and maps PLUS co-op, for a quick $15.  My nephew is pretty stoked about this one already.  And rightfully so.

The short of it might not be enough for you and that’s great — go on off and check out some of the coverage out there already:

IGN has a lovely exclusive hands-on preview with gameplay footage RIGHT HERE.

Not to be outdone, GAMESPOT counters with their own hands-on preview.  Want to see the game in action while Zombie tells you all about it?  Take a look at Gamespot’s video interview and live demo from Today on the Spot.

Zombie's Jared Gerritzen Brings Home The Bacon... On The Spot!

The guys over at PS3Vault, The Examiner and more are also chiming in on this awesome fragfest.  From the 300 million+ weapon customization combinations to the intense gameplay modes and cool functionality of the HRV, everyone had a great time playing and left impressed.

Will you feel the same?  You can find out more leading up to launch this summer. Meanwhile, read the previews, watch the videos and check out the game page on Facebook while you’re at it.

–>Let us know what you think on our MavPR Facebook Page while you’re at it.

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