TeamXbox Interviews GPG’s Chris Taylor

TeamXbox Interviews GPG's Chris Taylor

IGN’s TeamXbox also got into the Supreme Commander 2 action today interviewing Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor to talk about the Xbox 360-specifics surrounding the RTS sequel.

Check it out here:  Chris Taylor on TeamXbox

And, here’s another excerpt:

It wasn’t that long ago that we spoke to Chris Taylor, lead designer of Supreme Commander 2 at Gas Powered Games about the forthcoming real-time strategy. He gave us an overview of how the game came together and what the Redmond, Washington-based developer had in mind for the new game.

We got him on the horn again to talk more specifically this time about the Xbox 360 controls, which brought up some interesting points about the SupCom 2 gameplay. Not only did the studio come up with some new ways to do the sequel on Xbox 360, but in the course of the brainstorming, came up with changes and additions that help the whole franchise improve—across the console and PC versions. Sometimes, your wins come about in unexpected ways.

The following is an edited transcript of our lengthy chat with Taylor, but it shows the thought process that went into some of the SupCom 2 gameplay—which you’ll be able to see for yourself when it comes out next month. And be sure to check out Taylor’s own descriptions of the game’s Xbox 360 controls in the exclusive video below.

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