The Big Huge Title List!

(Almost) All The Games We’ve Ever Worked On, In Reverse Chronological Order… Oh My.

So, we here at Maverick PR have been reflecting a bit on the many, many games that we have promoted, supported, shipped and what not over the course of almost 30 years combined in the business.

All this reviewing of our old work, well… it got us thinking.  Thinking that it just might be kinda hilarious and/or totally awesome to have each and every one of those old game boxes piled up in one spot to gawk at in wonder and sheer terror.

Ya, that’s right.  We’d be talking about a bunch of those gigantic old-school PC boxes – big enough to shove a DVD player in today – that kind of big, man, sharing space with Genesis games and pushing aside the meek little GB carts.  PS1 jewelcases would battle it out with Dreamcast discs until PS2 smacks ’em both down.  All of these little buggers in one place.  Coolness.

Hey Look! It's "Feedin' Chloe!"

However, since there’s no way I’m searching bargain bins and basements for copies of G-Nome and Powerslave, I went ahead and did the next best thing — made a fancy list on a web page with box art from all (almost all – some are still incoming) of the games that Brandon and I have worked on.  Not only is this hilarious to us – and maybe you – but it also gives a good look at the depth of experience we have here at MavPR.

So from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail to Wanted: Weapons of Fate, enjoy your trip down MavPR memory lane…

[The MavPR Big Huge Title List]


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