The New Economy and Emerging Business Models

Yes, I could have made that headline more appealing, but I’m not trying to hook new readers here, right?

We’re really excited that the “mainstream” is starting to pick up on the business trend that started emerging last year — namely that companies are looking for innovative ways to cut costs while improving results and freelancers and “micro-boutiques” are emerging as the answer.

Luckily for us – we’re right in the middle of it!  Maverick PR’s philosophy is and has always been “Less Overhead, More In The Head” — meaning that we can deliver better results for less money due to our innovative business model and years of experience.

The video game industry is changing — contracting, becoming more efficient — even as it makes more money.  Smaller companies are emerging to create titles for emerging platforms like XBLA and iPhone.  The environment is ripe for a micro-boutique revolution!

Recently liberated (from corporate life) individuals are striking out on their own or forming micro-companies, and now even CNN is picking up on the trend.  My hope is that as people see this emerging trend being covered, they will overcome traditional concerns and start to think more openly about hiring micro-boutique companies to help them with their projects.

Check out the CNN story here and some thoughts on Matt’s blog over here.

– PR_Flak

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