THE OTHER SITES: GamerFitNation Part 1: Meet GFN

EdNote:  This is the first in a series of profiles that will explore the depth and variety of the video game-focused media. We hope to shine a light on some of the smaller sites who don’t pull numbers like GameSpot but bring the passion, knowledge and fan fervor of the biggest sites in the world.  So read on and stay tuned for future profiles… maybe you’ll find a new outlet to visit and they’ll gain you as a fan!

Maverick PR loves GamerFitNation, and not just because they took the time to profile one of the greatest video game PR people of all time… cough-cough… but because they are a site with a positive, focused message and purpose beyond just satisfying the instant news and screenshot demands of fanboys and girls across the world.

To sum it up: GamerFitNation is the Men’s Health Magazine of the gaming press, a place where gaming and fitness come together and encourage those who love playing video games to find a more healthy balance — mentally and physically —  within their lives.

It’s not ALL fitness on GFN. It’s also plenty o’ game and event coverage.

Founded in 2010 by Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman, GamerFitNation was originally intended to be a community site where like-minded gamers could join together to blog and chat about gaming and health.

“The site was conceptualized when I began noticing a trend of gamers at the gym,” Pearman said. “GamerFitNation became a reality when, after watching a disturbing story on CNN about video game addiction, I decided to act.”

That drive to make a difference and bring a positive message has produced a unique online destination staffed by a full team of writers who cover industry news, write previews and reviews, attend and cover events and develop feature stories, all while integrating mental and physical fitness.  The team also chats with the community and even creates a comic strip.  Helping the team along their way to healthy advice is a collection of expert contributors who provide fitness-focused stories for the readers.

One of GFN’s video interviews…


“We have Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Fitness Experts who contribute to the site as well,”  Pearman added.  “What makes our site different is that we put gamers’ health in the forefront. Many websites touch on gamers’ health once in a blue moon, but we specialize in it.  We bring a balance to gaming and health like no other website does and we make healthy living fun for all.”

One of GFN’s “Gamer Recipes”: The Pumpkin Raspberry Buckwheat Bake

And to that end, the site hosts a variety of stories that go far beyond video game previews and reviews.  GamerFitNation routinely updates the site with things like new healthy recipe ideas, suggested workouts from professional trainers, the latest research, and other tips.  In addition, Pearman has just added a new section called “GamerFitNation JR,” dedicated to tackling topics such as childhood obesity and parent/child bonding through video games.

The site’s current feature series — the “True Gamer” profiles — shines a weekly spotlight on gamers who, in their own way, change the stereotype of what it means to be a gamer.  So far, the feature series has profiled people who have started websites, foundations, and podcasts as well as game developers [and brilliant PR people!].

“We feel gamers need to see the good in a gaming lifestyle. We also want people who don’t game to see us in a more respectable light,” Pearman said.  “We want to show non-gamers the true faces of gaming and what they can become in gaming. A lot of people give their all to put a spotlight on the gaming world; some in big ways and some small. It’s not about being fit, but more or less to show gamers that we all think about our health.”

Thanks to the team over at GamerFitNation for participating in our very first “The Other Guys” profile.  Head over to the Nation right now to see what you can learn about staying healthy while you still enjoy fragging your friends online.

And be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 2: The Interview with GamerFitNation founder, Antwand Pearman!