TheGameEffect Interviews MavPR Partner Matt Frary About PR, Video Games and More

World famous video game PR maestro (as well as Maverick PR Partner) Matt Frary was recently approached by up-and-coming video game site TheGameEffect to take part in their ongoing series, “Unsung Heroes.”

  • ED: if you missed the previous interview with Matt which ran on GamerFitNation, check it out here.


Unsung Heroes is a cool series wherein writers talk to some of the lesser known folks working behind-the-scenes to put video games on players’ proverbial tables.  You know… NOT the Cliff Bleszinskis or the David Jaffes… we’re talking the guys behind the guys behind the guy.  Between producers and marketers and PR folks and testers and art designers and level builders… there are a lot of people that help deliver the games we love to play.

Never missing a chance to talk about himself, Matt agreed to participate and sat down for an email chat with TheGameEffect to talk about PR, working in the industry, disturbing trends and more.  It also included wonderful insight from Matt, including this gem:

So if you think McDonald’s is a fine steakhouse, chow down – they’re happy to keep feeding your hungry maw with burger after mass-produced burger. Even if it’s not made with what could be considered actual “beef.”

You can have a full read by hopping over HERE.  You can jump straight into the raw Q&A by skipping ahead to page 5.

Thanks to TheGameEffect for allowing yet another opportunity for MavPR folks to opine about the industry.