Wanted Heads Out the Door With a Few Extra Hits

We talked a little bit previously about the event we ran for Wanted: Weapons of Fate for Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group as a last second showing leading into reviews.  We had a great time both arranging and executing the event and as I mentioned in the earlier post, it was a real pleasure to work with a group of outlets that many PR people don’t have the opportunity to reach out to.

I just wanted to post an update, because some of the coverage coming out of that event was really interesting and of course the reviews… the reviews were great.  So take a look below at some of the hits that the attending press put together in betweem riding a mechanical bull and having private screenings on the Universal Lot.

You can read reviews of the game from Atomic Gamer, Cheat Code Central, Digital Entertainment News, Game Over Online, Game Vortex, Gamer 2.0, Kombo and PlanetXbox360.

While the scores varied from a 74 all the way to an 85, the consensus review of the group for Wanted: Weapons of Fate averaged out to a 78.

I’m really pleased they got to see why W:WOF is such a unique and special action game, let alone, a rare, high-quality movie-based game.

You should also check out some really cool interviews and other stories written from the event from all of these outlets.  Some took a traditional hands-on preview take while others went for interviews or even a more in-depth feature presentation.  Pete Wanat, Nick Torchia and the rest of the Universal team did a great job presenting a lot of information and the attending writers did a heck of job capturing what they had to say.

For example, Kombo did a really nice story about Universal’s unique approach to making movie-based games, and how the entire team focuses on making a great GAME first that is not dependant upon a license but instead, enhanced by the existing property.  Check that story out here.

Also GameVortex posted an interview with producer Nick Torchia following the event.  They talked about a lot of topics, including design theory and the process that goes into making a solid movie-based game.  Check out that interview here.

All of the sites that attended the event posted cool previews and other stories as well and great reviews, so be sure take a look around and see what came from the event.  We look forward to doing similar events in the future.

– PR_Flak

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