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We’re Bringing Back the THANKYOUFORGAMING Twitch Stream

Much like the Poltergeist reboot, and the DOOM movie, we’re doing something that ‘fans’ absolutely never asked for and most certainly did NOT demand: reviving our short-lived — but quite fun — ThankYouForGaming stream on Twitch. 

And just what the hell IS ThankYouForGaming, if you’re not one of the tens of uber-fans who watched it last year?

Well, we fired up ThankYouForGaming last summer as a platform for us to play some games terribly and talk with some of the people we’ve met over the years in the games industry that we respect about video game trends and news. In our brief stint, we welcomed Marcus Beer, formerly the ‘AnnoyedGamer’ and now a doing great stuff over at SIFTD; as well as Justin Kranzl, former PR guru of Square Enix and now part of Riot Games’ PR army; and Johnny Fournier, who heads up the Sumptin Sumptin podcast and Nerd Unemployed.

Do we have a schedule? Hell no! Do we know who’s coming on? Hell no! Do we know what we’re going to play? Didn’t you learn from the first two questions??

And why don’t we know these things? Because we are actual, working video game PR people and we do this in our spare time for fun. Have ideas or recommendations for games or guests? Hit our Facebook page ASAP and dump them there! We’ll do what we can!

So bear with us and keep an eye out. Meanwhile you can get a preview of the kind of terrible play you will see on ThankYouForGaming in our EXCITING [hastily assembled] so-called ‘trailer’ above, featuring Ubisoft’s incredible Far Cry 4.

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